Culinary Institute Announces Upcoming Summer 2022 Bootcamps

The Culinary Institute of America has announced summer bootcamps.  “From discovering global cuisines to refining cooking techniques, exploring new ingredients to learning new recipes—a CIA Boot Camp is the perfect way to do all of the above! Due to popular demand, we’ve recently added more of our most popular Boot Camps (and some new ones) to our schedule. Don’t miss out on your chance to take these classes:

Plant-Powered Cooking Boot Camp (Copia)


The future of food is green, and the culinary landscape is evolving to meet plant-forward cooking head on. Using umami-rich mushrooms, protein-packed legumes, and other nutrient-dense, but full-of-flavor ingredients, cooks are seeing past the old steak and eggs to a more sustainable and healthful menu. In this 5-day boot camp, work side-by-side with CIA chef instructors to learn the techniques, ingredients, and recipes behind the lifestyle.

Asian Cuisine Boot Camp (Hyde Park)


Like to take a trip to Asia, but don’t have the time? Well, we’re bringing a taste of Asia right here to our Hyde Park campus for you to experience. The only catch is that you’re going to have to work for it…after all, this is no picnic, this is boot camp. With each intensive day you’ll get to experience the cuisines of different Asian countries and regions- from India in the southwest- to China, Japan, and Korea, and Thailand and Vietnam. You’ll soon become familiar with the common bonds that all Asian cuisines share and the distinct ingredients, dishes, flavor profiles, and cooking techniques that differentiate them from each other. By the end of this rigorous class, you’ll no longer be intimidated by the variety of items that await you in your local Asian market or restaurant. You’ll be an experienced camper ready for the next challenge ahead.